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How to use incremental encoder?

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1. The incremental rotary encoder has different resolutions, which are measured by the number of pulses generated per turn, ranging from 6 to 5400 or higher. The higher the number of pulses, the higher the resolution.This is one of the important bases of type selection.

2, the incremental encoder usually has three signal outputs (differential has six signals) : A,B and Z, generally using TTL level, A pulse in the front,B pulse in the back, A pulse,B pulse difference of 90 degrees, each circle to send A Z pulse, as A reference mechanical zero.Generally use A forward B or B ahead of A sentence to, my company the incremental encoder is defined as the shaft end see encoder clockwise as A forward, A leading B is 90 °, on the other hand counterclockwise for reverse B ahead of A 90 °.Also have different, want to see product specification.

3, using PLC data collection, can choose high-speed counting module;Using ipc to collect data, high speed counting board can be selected.It is recommended to use the input port with photoelectric coupler to collect data with single chip microcomputer.

4. It is recommended that B pulse be forward pulse, A pulse be reverse pulse and Z origin zero pulse.

5. Set up counting stacks in electronic devices.

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