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From proximity switch, photoelectric switch to rotary encoder:

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Industrial control in the positioning, proximity switch, photoelectric switch applications have been quite mature, and very easy to use.However, with the continuous development of industrial control, there are new requirements, so, the application advantages of the selection of rotary encoder is prominent:

Informatization: in addition to positioning, the control room can also know its specific location;

Flexibility: the positioning can be flexibly adjusted in the control room;

On-site installation convenient and safe, longevity: the size of a fist, a rotary encoder can measure from several mu to dozens, hundreds of metres distance, n location, as long as the security of a rotary encoder installed solution, can avoid a lot of close to switches, photoelectric switch machinery installation on site trouble, are easy to be damaged and the problem such as high temperature, moisture.As a photoelectric code plate, no mechanical loss, as long as the installation location is accurate, its service life is often very long.

Multi-function: besides positioning, it can also transmit the current position and convert the motion speed, which is particularly important for the application of frequency converter and stepping motor.

Economization: for multiple control stations, the cost of only one rotary encoder, as well as the more important cost of installation, maintenance, loss reduction and service life increase, the economization is gradually highlighted.

As mentioned above, the rotary encoder has been more and more widely used in various industrial control occasions.

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